Kinugawa Turbo Upgrade - 2.5L Diesel

Part Number: 321-02052-011

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If you are looking for more grunt to tow more or just go faster then this bolt on turbo kit from Kinugawa is what you're after. Kinugawa are a world renown turbo manufacturer.

- This Turbo comes with stock turbine wheel and upgrade billet wheel, so it will spool around 200 rpm slower than stock one, but will get additional 30~50% HP and torque when it starts to spool.
- Compressor wheel: 42.87 / 62 mm (Kinugawa Billet Wheel 6+6 )
- Turbine Wheel: 38 / 45.8 mm ( Stock Turbine Wheel)
- Bearing Type: Journal Bearing
- Cooling Type: Oil-Cooled
- Actuator Pressure: 0.6 Bar
- One Year Warranty

Suitable for all 2KD / 2KD-FTV 2.5L motors.

Stock Status: Order only, may take 3-4 weeks to arrive once ordered.
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