HDi Intercooler Kit - KDH200 Model

Part Number: HDI-GT2HIACE

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HDi has developed new high efficient bolt on GT2 intercooler kit for Toyota Hiace. it is the most simple and most effective way to release your potential power. it is also Dyno proven the HDi GT2 technology reduce turbo lag as well as reduce the in let restriction to the engine it dramatically increase in mid range and throttle response.

The intercooler made a great improvement on mid range due to the improvement made to reduce the restriction on the standard intercooler. As the turbo spools up earlier it means to produce the same horse power are the lower revolution hence it also improve the fuel economy.

HDi Hiace intercooler kit comes with all the hose and bracket for fitting, very easy to fit our customers did it in 1/2 hour.

The HDi intercooler has 198% flow compare to standard that means less restriction from the turbo to the manifold makes the turbo spools up faster , more responsive , more boost, moreover, since it the boost comes up earlier the same power comes in lower RPM make it more fuel economy.

Suitable as a bolt on for all KDH200 models. Vans without factory intercooler will need additional parts from an OEM intercooler equipped van.

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